Knowledge Exchange 


What is Knowledge Exchange?

Knowledge Exchange (KE) brings together the worlds of business and academia in a way that increases engagement and allows everyone to benefit from the power of new ideas.

企业活动和KE是十大网赌软件推荐的文化,是十大网赌软件推荐所做的一切的组成部分. 十大网赌软件推荐的外向型教育方法,把区域经济和学生群体的需要放在首位. 

十大网赌软件推荐的目标是实现经济增长, 透过以下五个主题提高生产力和社会影响:

  • 研究和知识转移
    We collaborate closely with companies and public sector organisations to pursue new knowledge transfer projects that support and encourage all forms of innovation.
  • 学位学徒制和基于工作的学习
    英国领先的供应商之一, our degree apprenticeships and work-based learning initiatives are specially designed to fill skill gaps in business and industry.
  • 就业和创业
    十大网赌软件推荐重视独立思考和创业精神, 十大网赌软件推荐的学生为商业世界做好了充分的准备,在就业能力方面排名靠前.
  • Regional and civic engagement
    Our regional and civic engagement aligns with our core mission: to collaborate and coproduce mutually beneficial activities with the people who live, 在西米德兰兹郡工作和学习. 
  • Business engagement 
    十大网赌软件推荐为新企业提供创新服务, Small Medium-sized (SMEs) and large companies through our dedicated business support programmes focusing on leadership, innovation and growth

Summary of our KE approach



Tackling the social and economic challenges of today hinges upon the effective exchange of knowledge and specialist expertise between a wide range of institutions and people.

十大网赌软件推荐的研究策略集中在四个方面 大学研究机构 以及十大网赌软件推荐跨学科研究中心的扩展. All are regional, national, 以及各自领域的国际领军人物, 他们出色的工作对工业产生了重大影响, 公共部门和个人. 

Our work in Knowledge Exchange 向政策提供信息并影响政策,以培育一种基于证据的决策文化. 这个过程有多种形式, 包括向政府提供建议, 组织在生物能源和少数民族创业等领域的政策简报, 利用十大网赌软件推荐的研究和影响力改进国际上的决策实践.

十大网赌软件推荐与区域机构密切合作,通过十大网赌软件推荐的合作开发共享项目,使公民受益 Civic University Agreement. These are designed to bring the benefits of research to the West Midlands by developing strategies that focus on the following themes:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Business Growth & Productivity
  • Environment & Low Carbon Energy
  • Crime & Justice
  • Education & Employment
  • COVID-19 Recovery Planning

十大网赌软件推荐还通过Midlands Innovation与其他研究型大学建立了密切的合作关系. 十大网赌软件推荐在能源等关键领域的共同优势, transport, and health are unlocking exciting new avenues of engagement—these range from public partnerships through to deeper collaborations with government and commerce.

Collectively, 这些关系对十大网赌软件推荐所做的一切都至关重要, 十大网赌软件推荐会加倍努力,让受益人参与到十大网赌软件推荐的研究中来.


十大网赌软件推荐努力生产最新的研究,提供更好的服务,流程和产品. 这意味着挑战传统思维,以帮助十大网赌软件推荐的伙伴实现全球影响. We support a wide range of collaborative research and business support programmes that are designed to encourage and accelerate the pace of change.

知识转移伙伴关系(KTP) are one of the most efficient and effective tools available to businesses who want to drive up competitiveness and productivity. 让他们有机会与英国的一些顶尖专家合作, these knowledge-based partnerships allow companies to draw on the latest academic thinking and leverage it to deliver innovative and strategically important business projects.

十大网赌软件推荐长期和丰富的研究遗产使十大网赌软件推荐成为英国最活跃和成功的KTP机构之一, 拥有西米德兰兹郡最广泛的投资组合和排名 8th in the UK overall.

十大靠谱网赌官方平台的研究足迹及其对工业的影响每年都在增长, with businesses that engage in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships benefitting from an average 1107% return on investment from their initial grants. 2020年9月,十大网赌软件推荐·马丁的卓越表现得到了业界的认可 Innovate UK at their national 最好的最好的KTP奖项.


  • Sarissa
  • Rimilia
  • Metal Assemblies
Commercial impact

Increasing numbers of businesses and institutions are beginning to grasp the transformative and competitive advantages that research can offer. 作为十大网赌软件推荐将研究的商业影响最大化的承诺的一部分, 十大网赌软件推荐经验丰富的知识交流团队正在不断评估新的保护措施, managing, and commercialising our Intellectual Property (IP).

十大网赌软件推荐的研究开发记录可以追溯到40多年前, 十大网赌软件推荐最早也是最著名的成功案例之一就是革命性的抗癌药物, Temozolomide. This blockbuster drug became the treatment of choice for some of the most hard-to-treat brain cancers and achieved annual worldwide sales of over $1bn.

Research England赞扬了十大网赌软件推荐在2021年知识交换框架(KEF)中的知识产权和商业化工作。, 在知识产权(IP)和商业化方面,十大网赌软件推荐在同类机构中排名前30%.
However, 产生新研究的过程永远不会结束, 新的研究领域一直在不断地出现. 保持在研究的前沿, 十大网赌软件推荐提供一个内部的KE专家团队,并且是这两者的积极成员 Midlands Innovation and the MICRA gateway是中部地区八所研究型大学的合作伙伴. 十大网赌软件推荐分享最佳实践,并与他人结合资源 技术转移办事处 across the UK. Membership of these organisations also empowers our business partners with rapid access to Intellectual Property Case Managers and the expertise they offer.

该MICRA网关提供了一个强大而实用的 all-in-one point of contact for industry, 也是展示该地区知识产权产品的非凡历史的一种方式. 其结果是一个多功能的生态系统,在这个生态系统中,工业界可以获得他们需要的工具和人员, 研究与商业紧密结合.
具备正确的知识和技术, businesses are free to enjoy the full benefits of shared research while capitalising on the West Midlands’ industrial strengths.


  • GridEdge
  • Salts
  • Eyoto
  • Isogenica
Public Engagement

公众参与是有效的重要组成部分 Knowledge Exchange十大网赌软件推荐确保在每个可能的阶段让公众参与进来. 十大网赌软件推荐鼓励个人和社区参与新研究的规划, 邀请他们为科学做出贡献,甚至在可能的情况下联合制作项目.

Sharing the impact that our research has on the everyday lives of people is a vital part of what makes research at Aston stand out from the crowd, 十大网赌软件推荐通过数字活动来做到这一点, case studies, face-to-face talks, seminars, roadshows and much more.


  • 众包科学和计算挑战
  • 与公众合作制作项目
  • 与公众和媒体分享科学,探索科学对日常生活的影响
  • 用事件激励下一代科学家
  • 用病人的信息规划未来的医学研究

与利益相关者建立有价值的伙伴关系 Citizens UK 也为十大网赌软件推荐提供了与公众接触的直接途径, 包括伯明翰和西米德兰兹郡的不同社区.

Few projects highlight the power of public engagement and Knowledge Exchange better than Aston Villa’s promotion of eye health in the form of Aston Vision. Part-funded by 英国研究与创新(UKRI), 这次合作汇集了各种各样的专家, 包括验光教授, translators, 以及少数民族创业方面的专家. Together they worked with the Aston Villa Foundation, Citizens UK, 和他们的社区主播合作伙伴举办一系列的社区倾听活动.

在英超联赛和职业足球联盟的支持下, 十大网赌软件推荐维拉的验光师得到了十大网赌软件推荐学生的支持,并获得了由 Essilor. 他们一起向当地社区和学校提供讲习班和视力检查. 像这样有意义的公众参与是一个强有力的工具, 都是为了提高人们对研究重要性的认识和改善医疗保健的可及性.


在国内和国际知识交流领域保持领先地位, 十大网赌软件推荐一直在与竞争对手进行竞争,并不断监测和评估十大网赌软件推荐的进展. 不仅仅是这样的框架 REF KEF帮助十大网赌软件推荐向潜在的合作者和合作伙伴展示十大网赌软件推荐的成功记录, 它们还有助于巩固卓越和最佳实践的文化. 

Aston is a signatory of the national Knowledge Exchange Concordat – an agreement that will encourage the sharing and implementation of best practice sector-wide.

Knowledge Exchange Concordat

政府致力于以战略性的、长期的方式进行知识交流. In return, it expects universities to demonstrate the value of what they do while pursuing excellence and sharing good practice.
The Knowledge Exchange Concordat has been introduced to ensure that universities and other providers of higher education and research work effectively; not only with each other, 但与企业和其他组织.
2019年12月,十大网赌软件推荐的副校长承诺十大网赌软件推荐将成为协和号的会员. 这使十大网赌软件推荐成为首批签署该协议的英国大学之一, and demonstrates the significance of Knowledge Exchange in delivering on our commitment to continuous improvement.

  • 公开承诺知识交换协议
  • 采纳《十大网赌软件推荐》所载的八项原则,作为有效客运专线的架构
  • 通过论坛和网络研讨会积极参与KE Concordat,分享良好的实践
  • 在开发年之后, participate in an evaluation process during which a HEP will carry out a self-evaluation and produce an action plan.


  • Make clear to staff, 学生和合作伙伴他们将做什么,以及他们将如何与合作伙伴合作
  • 对他们的KE和实践策略进行自我评估, 以KE Concordat原则为框架
  • 提交一份行动计划,确定需要改进的领域, 在八项原则中,HEP的五个最优先的行动, 以及任何可以作为最佳实践范例分享的创新方法
  • 考虑并回应来自评估小组的反馈和建议.

十大网赌软件推荐致力于对经济和更广泛的社会产生切实影响的研究. 知识交换框架(KEF)负责评估这一绩效.

知识交换架构(KEF), led by Research England, is a sector-wide, institutional-level exercise to inform and assess KE activities of UK higher education institutions and how they benefit society and the economy.

The KEF aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the use of public funding for KE and to further a culture of continuous improvement in universities.

It allows universities to better understand and improve their own performance and provide businesses and other users with more information to help them access world-class knowledge and expertise.


与其他大学进行了比较, Aston University is in the top 20 per cent for working with business and supporting local growth and regeneration.

This draws directly from Aston University's strengths in collaborative research and its focus on providing consultancy solutions to industry problems. 它也反映了政府的旗舰知识转移伙伴计划的工作, 它是公认的行业领导者.

Aston University's high performance for local growth and regeneration is a result of its investment in delivering business support programme to SMEs and, more recently, 在COVID-19期间和之后,在先进材料等领域帮助他们适应并茁壮成长, 数据分析和小企业领导力发展.

Intellectual property (IP)

十大靠谱网赌官方平台在知识产权(IP)和商业化方面也表现良好, 在可比院校中排名前30%.



REF 英国的科研出版物质量评估体系是什么, the impact of said research, 以及英国高等教育机构的研究环境. 衡量影响是REF的中心支柱, 2014年,十大网赌软件推荐在英国大学的3*和4*影响力排名前20名. 这使十大网赌软件推荐在高等教育领域领先于伯明翰、华威和其他许多竞争对手. Submissions will be made to REF 2021 in the coming months and Aston’s submission will include 36 new Impact Case Studies drawn from across the University.